At Helphone, our goal is to contribute value to organizations through professional management of their relationships with their clients or users, while providing them with staff specialized in technology in a flexible way.

IT Division

We have developed a specific know-how for IT services management. We have extensive experience implementing and managing help desk support services, as well as recruiting specialized professionals for our clients.

Customer Service Division

We are specialists in the activities performed by a company to interact with its clients. The services rendered by our contact centre contribute added value to our customers, and they also allow our clients to focus on their main business activity.


We offer tailor-made engineering services to suit each customer’s needs, which helps them reduce costs and increase the quality of their performance. We provide companies with flexible resources to adapt to the changing needs of the market.

About us

Helphone is a company specialized in rendering added-value services related to technology and customer service. Flexibility is one of our strengths, and one of the aspects most valued by the companies that work with us. Thanks to our extensive experience in the market we have the knowledge and the methodology needed to support our clients.

We have an ambitious project for the future that positions us as a company that stays close to its clients and remains committed to their goals. We work with important companies in areas such as Renewable Energy, Industry, Health, Education, Finance, Food, Electronics, Telecommunications, Government Administration, Mass Media or the Public Service Sector.



Social Networks

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Helphone Head Office:
Polígono Galaria, Calle V, Nº 3 – Oficina 1C
31191 – Cordovilla (Navarra)
T. 902 107 348 – 948 01 01 01

Helphone Madrid Office:
Avenida de Brasil 29, 1°
28020 – Madrid
T: 902 512 015 – 91 234 69 74