Resource Outsourcing

We are specialists in outsourcing engineers and technical staff, through selected professionals hired by Helphone. We provide your organization with qualified staff for both stable and specific projects, with the required dimensioning and time length, without expanding the structure of their organization.

Each client demands a tailor-made solution that will depend on the characteristics and circumstances of their business. Our goal is to provide each organization with the flexible resources that are needed at each moment: full-time or part-time. Thanks to our experience, which is over a decade long, we are now specialists in managing qualified and flexible professionals that contribute added value to our clients. We are experts in recruiting human resources specialized in technology, and we are flexible when providing our clients with these resources.

Resource outsourcing, besides covering stable needs, allows companies to cover leaves or to face periods of peak activity in a flexible way without having to increase your staff.

The advantages of outsourcing

The main advantage of outsourcing lies in substituting a model of fixed costs with another one of variable costs, which provides flexibility in the face of possible changes in the business environment.

Outsourcing allows companies to increase or reduce their resources very easily, without resorting to recruiting processes or spending costly periods of time in training. Shifts, leaves and holidays, or even an increase in the number of staff, cease to be a union or organization problem, and they simply become the added value contributed by providers.

In consolidated organizations it is customary to verify that the cost of the external company can be lower than the cost of providing the same service with their own resources, including a provider’s markup. This is due to the competitive context of salaries in the organizations that provide outsourcing services. An organization capable of outsourcing resources that don’t belong to their core business will always have the support of its most demanding shareholders and the go-ahead of the market. This is due to the fact that such organization would be reducing its operative structure and increasing its flexibility.

Outsourcing allows organizations to eliminate the hidden costs big companies usually have. The only cost is that of the invoice issued by the service provider.

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