Outsourced Customer Service Staff

Due to their small size or to other circumstances, many organisations do not need to take on a project to outsource their processes. All they need to have available is some kind of resource (a person) to carry out tasks in the customer service area. At HelPhone we are also specialised in providing organisations with staff that take charge of customer service management: customer service agents.

Our contributed value is not limited to providing only the number of people needed. We also offer our clients a methodology for efficient management which is based on the following pillars:

  • We select profiles that have an ability in customer service.
  • We train agents in our methodology and concept of customer service.
  • Support and coaching for managers while on duty.
  • Systematic record keeping of all customer service activity through our own tool, which is available to all our clients.
  • We provide organisations with an activity report that includes key figures on activities performed.

Helphone Head Office:
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Helphone Madrid Office:
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