Outsourced Customer Service Processes

At Helphone we specialize in outsourcing full customer service processes, as well as the people in charge of assisting your company’s clients. This way, we deliver the strategy, the profiles, and the most adequate methodology to suit your company’s needs.

HelPhone proposes to let clients focus on their expertise – the essence of their business – and to let us manage, in their name, those processes in which we can contribute value: customer relations.

This is our proposal to deal with the outsourcing of customer service processes:

  • We analyse what is needed to carry out a certain project, and then we design a strategy that meets those needs.
  • We implement customer service channels that best fit customer profiles.
  • We provide human resources with the right profile and training.
  • We manage services according to our proven management methodology.
  • We provide organisations with relevant information on their customer relations: reports and indicators.

The processes we usually work on are the following:

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