In IT service management there is a worldwide de-facto standard called ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Initially used as a guideline for the UK government, the ITIL framework has proved to be very useful to organisations in all sectors. In fact, ITIL has been adopted by countless companies as a starting point for consulting, education and support for software tools.

One of the key benefits pointed out by ITIL supporters within the IT community is that ITIL provides a common vocabulary, which consists of a glossary of terms accurately defined and widely accepted.

HelPhone has been committed for years to ITIL use when organising and managing IT-related services, especially for our help desk/support centres.

Around 10% of Helphone’s workforce has different ITIL qualification levels.

Likewise, Helphone also have staff that is PMP (Project Management Professional) certified. PMP is a certificate issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and it is a de facto standard regarding methodology for IT project management. PMP is, by far, the most recognized qualification within the industry for project management.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL is a large set of management practices designed to help organisations achieve quality and efficiency in IT operations. Nowadays ITIL is known and used worldwide because it is, among other things, a standard available to anyone.

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