Infrastructure Monitoring

Helphone proactively monitors the critical elements in our clients’ IT infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis.

Our NOC (Network Operation Center) monitors the elements requested by our client, sends out the alerts agreed upon, according to their criticality, and takes predefined corrective actions for each case.

There is an ever increasing number of organizations that consider the high availability of their systems and the quality of the service they offer to their users as something essential. An unexpected system failure has a direct impact on the productivity of users, and that could be costly for the organization in terms of lost working hours.

The most common assets to be monitored in an organization are systems and hardware servers, communication elements, DPC temperature control devices, services and business critical applications, corporate email, security backups, etc.

Advantages of monitoring

The advantages for an organization that monitors the most critical assets of its IT infrastructure are the following:

Prevention of potential problems thanks to a premature detection.

Immediacy in the implementation of reactive measures when system failure occurs.

It increases the productivity of the organization’s users: costly interruptions of service are avoided when problems occur during off-hours.

Assurance for the IT department: no more shocks when arriving at the office and seeing that users are not able to work because a critical service is not working.

An investment in software is not necessary because Helphone’s systems are already in place.

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