Helpdesk Services 24x7x365

We are specialists in implementing and managing on-line tech support services for users, what is known as Helpesk or Service Desk services.

Through our Helpdesk support services we offer level-1 computer support to users through different online communication media, such as telephone, e-mail or chat. We register and solve our customers’ incidents and queries online, and if needed we connect remotely to their computers to resolve the problems.

HelPhone acts as the single point of contact -SPOC- between users and a company’s IT organisation, either by solving incidents and queries from users, or by directing such processes.

Our service is attentive, committed, and consistent with the level agreed upon, which will make each contact a pleasant experience for users. All of the above will be carried out from a perspective that is directed toward the ITIL best practices available to provide support services. In turn, this will allow us to guarantee product quality and increase client productivity.

The objective of the Helpdesk services consists of providing our clients’ users with quality support service. That way we ensure optimal use of their computer resources and, therefore, maximum business productivity.

Tasks provided by a Service Desk

The main goal of a Helpdesk or Service Desk is to be the reference and the only contact point for the users of an organization in all matters related to their IT needs: management of queries, questions, and incidents. Being more specific, the main tasks provided by this service are:

  • Achieving the highest effectiveness and promptly solving the queries and incidents that fall within the scope of the Helpdesk.
  • Identifying and promptly escalating to the different resolution levels those incidents that exceed the competences of the Helpdesk.
  • Pursuing excellence in the relationship with users, so that they get the highest satisfaction with the service provided.
  • Ensuring that the resolution deadlines and service standards established for the different resolution groups in charge of incidents and queries, both internal and external, are met.
  • Identifying the problems that users experience consistently, as well as communicating these problems to the different specialist groups for them to find an appropriate solution.
  • Feeding a knowledge database by identifying “known errors” and appropriate solutions for such errors.

Helphone Head Office:
Polígono Galaria, Calle V, Nº 3 – Oficina 1C
31191 – Cordovilla (Navarra)
T. 902 107 348 – 948 01 01 01

Helphone Madrid Office:
Avenida de Brasil 29, 1°
28020 – Madrid
T: 902 512 015 – 91 234 69 74