Contact Centre Services

Helphone offers a wide variety of possibilities that cover the management of all customer service channels existing nowadays: from traditional customer service on site, to customer service through social networks, and the management of contact centers.

Our goal regarding this area is to provide our clients with a professional management of their relationships with their customers/users, which allows companies to focus on their business.

Within customer service we have specialized on call and contact center services, where we work for important clients, such as CINFA Laboratories, Leche Pascual, Universidad de Navarra or Vileda.

The contact center services can be classified in two categories, depending on whether it is an incoming or an outgoing contact:

Reception services

Reception services

Information Services

Customer Service

Order reception and telephone sales

Resolution of claims and complaints

Reception and managment of incidents and mechanical malfunction

Ticket sales

Registration for events and activities

Bookings for tourists: travelling, accommodation

Arrangement of appointments, interviews and professional agendas

After-sale services: technical and commercial

Coordination of emergency services

Switchboard services for companies or institutions

E-commerce support

Client retention services


Emiting Services

Arrangement of sales visits

Agenda management for professional technicians

Customer satisfaction survey

Email monitoring

Event attendance confirmation

Opinion polls

Attraction of new members and subscribers

Management of payments and unpaid debts

Verification of technicians performance on site

Verification of incident resolutions

Creation and updating of databases

Customer retention services – winning back customers

Actions to build customer loyalty

Courtesy actions


Helphone Head Office:
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31191 – Cordovilla (Navarra)
T. 902 107 348 – 948 01 01 01

Helphone Madrid Office:
Avenida de Brasil 29, 1°
28020 – Madrid
T: 902 512 015 – 91 234 69 74