Consultancy of Customer Service Management

We are specialists in both auditing and carrying out organisational consultancy in regard to internal processes of customer service for companies and institutions. Regarding auditing, we have developed a methodology which is essentially based on two actions:

Afterwards, we elaborate an action plan with recommendations that could be implemented by HelPhone itself:

Training program.
Development of training activities.
Development of a system of customer service reports and indicators
Indicators of perceived quality: satisfaction surveys.
Implementing customer service channels: face-to-face, e-mail, online, SMS, Twitter.
CRM Implementation/Use.
Writing manuals and style guides for each channel.
Creating templates for questionnaires to be filled out by letter/e-mail.

Regarding consultancy services, our objective is to analyze the organization and operation of a contact center from an external perspective, and thus offer our know-how and expertise in the sector.

Our consultancy projects are carried out in two stages:


The consultancy service itself, in which key processes and aspects of the contact center organization are analyzed, and those areas that require improvement are identified. This stage ends with a specific plan of action, and with recommendations on how to develop the areas subject to improvement previously identified.


Development of said action plan.

Development of actions for improvement


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