HELPHONE is a company specialized in managing sales assistance and after-sales technical support platforms for electronics and computer products. 

Our services are provided by technicians who have been trained and are specialized in the features of each manufacturer’s product.

HelPhone offers outsourced after-sales technical service management to electronics and computer manufacturers, both through multi-client platforms – which make it possible to merge with other manufacturers – or through platforms staffed by exclusive professionals.

The possibility of articulating the service for different manufacturers through a single platform entails important synergies because resources, management and tools are being shared. Such synergies result in an important reduction in fixed costs for the project offered to each manufacturer.

Each manufacturer is given a complete personalized service. First, we provide every manufacturer with unique and exclusive communication channels. Then, we personalize the operational management, according to each manufacturer’s interests. To this end, we articulate every service around the management procedures (technical and administrative) defined by the manufacturer itself. Finally, each manufacturer receives personalized reports on their service activity.

We can take charge of incident reception from your end customers, reparation of defective products, and all related processes: management of product collection logistics, warranty verification, performance testing, repairing/reconditioning, returning the repaired product or a new one to customers, etc.

Our services are provided under a house brand, so that the person at the other end of the line feels like their own brand is assisting them.

Our Service is flexible and it is configured according to each manufacturer’s needs.

Helphone Head Office:
Polígono Galaria, Calle V, Nº 3 – Oficina 1C
31191 – Cordovilla (Navarra)
T. 902 107 348 – 948 01 01 01

Helphone Madrid Office:
Avenida de Brasil 29, 1°
28020 – Madrid
T: 902 512 015 – 91 234 69 74